The National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) is presently collaborating with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for preparing the Master Plan for Delhi 2041 (MPD 2041) as an Enabling Strategic Plan. As part of this exercise, NIUA intends to commission detailed studies in specific subject areas of interest to develop a comprehensive understanding of respective sectors.

In order to devise effective strategies to bring about improvements in the quality of life of residents living in such unplanned settlements, the existing conditions need to be studied in detail. Through this RfP, NIUA wishes to appoint a reputed and experienced institution/firm with expertise in urban planning and social studies to undertake an observation-based sample field study of twelve (12) unplanned settlements in Delhi. The study will assess the living conditions in these settlements, including aspects such as built densities, congestion levels within households, spatial configurations and typologies, risk and vulnerability, availability of various services and amenities, access to public transport, etc.

Date of Issue 
Monday, 25 November 2019
Final Date of Submission 
Wednesday, 18 December 2019
Final Date for Queries 
Monday, 2 December 2019