As part of GGGI’s India Urban Programme, this project aims to: define ‘urban green growth’ in the context of urbanizing India; quantify and communicate the benefits and the potential of green growth strategies across a range of Indian cities, and informing national policy conversations; compile a detailed set of good practices relevant to the urban development needs and challenges of Indian cities (including: green technologies, policies, business models, standards, systems, partnership models, etc); communicate how these best practices can be applied and financed in Indian cities (including: required investments, human resources, policy structures, institutional changes, technical capacity, etc); and quantify what benefits these best practices can potentially bring to Indian cities (including: economic growth, job creation, investment opportunities, poverty alleviation, etc).

The outcomes of the project will help cities develop a deeper understanding of green growth benefits, opportunities, and potential for their own economic and urban development. Also, in the next phase, handhold few cities to build internal capacity in strategic planning, analysis, funding access, and financing for green growth.


Urban Green Growth Strategies for Indian Cities - Reports launched!

New Delhi, February 27th 2015- Indian cities are at the core of the economic transformation being envisaged by the Government of India. Considering the anticipated growth in cities,local governments face enormous challenges in providing urban infrastructure and services that match the growing demand sustainably while ensuring good quality of life for its citizens. In this context, Green Growth- an approach which integrates economic and social objectives with environmental goals becomes very relevant to address the situation.

Conceptualized with this background, the project on Green Growth Strategies for Indian Cities was started in December 2013. Implemented by ICLEI - Local governments for sustainability - South Asia and the National Institute of Urban Affairs(NIUA) with support and technical inputs from the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), the project has now concluded with the launch of its 3 volume report:
Volume 1: Urban Green Growth Strategies for Indian Cities
Volume 2: Green Growth Profiles of Ten Indian Cities
Volume 3: Green Growth Good Practices

The initiative entailed developing a Green Growth framework for Indian cities, piloting the same for 10 Indian cities and compiling a set of 15 good practices relevant to the Indian urban context. This involved assessing the current status of growth of Indian cities, understanding emerging growth patterns and trends and developing strategies that can guide growth to achieve multiple development benefits while pursuing economic growth.

Over 15 Indian cities actively participated in this initiative that lasted over twelve months and contributed by sharing their good practices, challenges and perceptions of green growth in their cities.
As the national government launches new programssuch as SMART cities, Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, Urban Renewal Mission and HRIDAY (Heritage Rejuvenation and Development) Scheme, the reports provide useful inputs to enable cities in pursuingan inclusive green growth agenda.

To obtain a hard copy of the report, please write to Paramita Datta Dey at

Project Start Date 
December 2013
Project End Date 
January 2015
Contact Person 
Ms. Paramita Datta Dey
Funding Agency 
Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)
Pan India
13 months