We believe that corruption has been one of the major obstacles toeconomic, political and social progress of our country. We believe that allstakeholders such as Government, citizens and private sector need towork together to eradicate corruption.

We acknowledge our responsibility to lead by example and the need toput in place safeguards, integrity frameworks and code of ethics toensure that we are not part of any corrupt practice and we tackleinstances of corruption with utmost strictness.

We realize that as an Organisation, we need to lead from the front ineradicating corruption and in maintaining highest standards of integrity,transparency and good governance in all aspects of our operations.

We, therefore, pledge that:

  • We shall promote ethical business practices and foster a culture of honesty and integrity;
  • We shall not offer or accept bribes;
  • We commit to good corporate governance bases on transparency, accountability and fairness;
  • We shall adhere to relevant laws, rules and compliance mechanisms in the conduct of business;
  • We shall adopt a code of ethics for all our employees;
  • We shall sensitise our employees of laws, regulations, etc. relevant to their work for honest discharge of their duties;
  • We shall provide grievance redressal and Whistle Blower mechanism for reporting grievances and fraudulent activities;
  • We shall protect the rights and interests of stakeholders and the society at large.