Research Studies

Single Women Migrant Workers in Asian Metropolis:A Case Study of Delhi Sep-1992

Impact Assessment of Training of Women Elected Representatives Dec-2006

Carrying Capacity Based Regional Planning Jan-1996

Reducing Poverty in Urban India Jun-2001

Development Premices,Planning Norms and Landuse Plan for Srinagar City (1985-2001) Part-I N/A

Development Premices,Planning Norms and Landuse Plan for Srinagar City (1985-2001) Part-II N/A

Poverty and Gender in India's Urban Areas Sep-1990

Profiling Delhi's Economy and Employment Potential an Input for New Perspective Plan for Delhi 2021 N/A

Strategy for the Planned Urbanization in the States and Union Territories of India Jul-2013

The Challenge for Urban Poverty A companion Volume of Statistics N/A

Tracking Central Finance Commissions and State Finance Commissions Grants to Selected States and Urban Local Bodies in India Mar-2011

Urban Environmental Maps for Delhi,Bombay,Ahmedabad, Vadodara Feb-1994

Urban Poverty a Status Paper Feb-1989

Urban Sector Assessment Report 1981

City Sanitation Plan Balasore Jun-2012

City Sanitation Plan Baripada Jun-2012

City Sanitation Plan Berhampur Jun-2012

City Sanitation Plan Bhubaneshwar Jun-2012

City Sanitation Plan Cuttack Jun-2012

City Sanitation Plan Puri Jun-2012

City Sanitation Plan Rourkela Jun-2012

City Sanitation Plan Sambalpur Jun-2012

Report on Indian Urban Infrastructure and Services March-2011

State of Inida's Urbanization March-1988

Urban Transport Initiatives in India:Best Practices in PPP March-2011

Strategy for Capacity Building of Urban Government Institutions In India Apr-1998

Urban Sector Profile:Andhrapradesh Apr-1998

Urban Sector Profile:Gujrat Apr-1998

Urban Sector Profile:Karnataka Apr-1998

Urban Sector Profile:Rajasthan Apr-1998

Urban Sector Profile:Tamil Nadu Apr-1998

Abolition of Octroi A study of its Impacts on Municipal Finance and transport Efficiency Jan-1998

A Compendium of Municipal Legislation in Confirmity with Constitution (Seventy-Fourth)Amendment Act ,1992 Jun-1998

Kanpur Municipal Corporation A Study of its Finances Aug-1996

A Study of municipal Finances for Faridabad and Sonepat Dec-1996

A study on Sale of Commercial Properties of DDA Oct-1997

The Role of Urban And Peri Urban Agriculture in Metropolitan City Management in the Developing Countries A Case Study Of Delhi Feb-2000

Solid Waste Management :Improvement Initiatives in Selected Cities in India Oct-1999

Structure and Dynamics of Urban Economy Study of Linkages Between Formal and Informal Sector in Ahmedaad and Visakhapatanam Oct-2001

Public Private partnership in Delivery of Served land in Delhi Nov-1995

Dangerous Katras/Properties In Delhi A Situational Analysis A Socio-Economic, Physical and Environmental survey of Dangerous/Dilapidated Katras/Properties under the Management control of Slum Wing Delhi Development Authority (DDA) Septmber -1990

Feasibility Study of Air Conditioned Circular shopping Complex in Laxmi Nagar District centre Oct-1997

Fare structure of the Public Bus Sysytem in the four super Metropolitan Cities of India -1985 1985

Social Accounting of the Delhi Trasport Corporation 1985 1985

Financial Profile of the Municipalities of Assam,Karnataka,Kerala,Rajasthan and Tamilnadu,1999 Feb-2000

Impact Assessment of Mega City Scheme Jun-2002

Status of Water Supply, Sanitation and Solid Waste Management in Urban Areas Jun-2005

A Status of Urban Poor in Nagpur A Benchmark Study Sep-2005

A Study of Urban Poor in Surat A Benchmark Study Mar-2002

Development of Municipal Bond Market in India Municipal Bond Assessment Studies Visakhapatanam, Bhopal, Dehradun Jun-2002

Mirzapur Healthy City Project Report on Action Research Feb-2003

Status of Education in Urban India Jun-2003

Property Tax Reforms in Uttaranchal Jun-2003

Urban Governance Decentralization In Inida A Review Feb-2004

Municipal Accounting and Financial Reporting System Mar-2004

Reforming the Property Tax Mar-2004

Innovative Resource Mobilization Practices :A case of urban Local Bodies in Tamil Nadu Dec-2004

Swarajayanti Shahari Rozgaar Yojna in Rajasthan an Impact Assessment Jun-2002

Assessment of the Impact of the Repeal of the Urban land (Ceiling and Regulation) Act, 1976 N/A

Eveluation of Plan Schemes :Relocation of JJ Squaters Final Report Oct-2004

Eveluation of Jan suvidha Complexes and basti Vikas kendras in Delhi Oct-2004

Environmental Improvement in Urban Slums :A Case of Delhi Fianl Report Oct-2004

State Finance Comisssions's Recommendations and Followup Actions Thereon Volume-I Jul-2005

State Finance Comisssions's Recommendations and Followup Actions Thereon Volume-II Aug-2005

Evaluation of Centrally Sponsered Accelrated Urban Water Supply Programme (AUWSP) Sep-2005

Impact of Constitution(74th Amendment) Act on the Working of urban Local Bodies Volume-I Nov-2005

Impact of Constitution(74th Amendment) Act on the Working of urban Local Bodies Volume-II Nov-2005

Training Needs Assessment of Surat Municipal Corporation Sep-2008

Dealing with Licenses and Registering Property Sep-2008

Urban Poverty Reduction Strategy in Select Cities of India Jul-2008

Urban Poverty Reduction strategy for Jaipur Jul-2008

Sustainable urban Form for Indian Cities Mar-2011

Urban Transport initiative India N/A

Carrying Capacity Based Development Planning of National Capital Rgion Sep-1995

Management Of Urban Services Jul-1986

Maintaining Gujrat's Municipal services (A Long Range Perspective) Jun-1987

Culcatta's Basic Development Plan (A background Paper) Sep-1986

Patterns of Migration in National Capital Region Nov-1986

The Nature and Dimension of the Urban Fiscal Crisis Feb-1987

Structure and Performance of Informal Enterprises(a study of four cities) Sep-1987

Women and Urbanization Dec-1987

Women Vendors in India's Urban cntres 1987

Sites and Services projects in India's Secondary Cities - An Evaluation Study Jan-1988

Rural Growth Jan-1988

Dimensions of urban Poverty A situational Analysis Mar-1988

The Media on Urban poverty Mar-1988

Approach to Urban Poverty A Position Note Mar-1988

Urban Poverty a Study on Perceptions Mar-1989

National Capital Region A Perspective on Pattens and processes of Urbanization May-1988

Reshaping Urban growth Patterns Some Options Jun-1988

Rental Housing in India An Overview 1989 N/A

Union Terretory of Delhi The Nature and Dimensions of Poverty N/A

A Study on provision of urban Water Supply Institutional Options Dec-1988

Revamping the Structure of Property Taxes Jan-1989

The Roles of Intermediate Towns in Regional Development A Case Study Jan-1989

Modelling Rental Housing Market :A Conceptual Framework, 1989 1989

Rental housing in a Metropolitan City:A Case Study of Delhi 1989

Upgrading Municipal services Norms and Financial implications (Volume-I) Feb-1989

Upgrading Municipal services Norms and Financial implications (Volume-II) Feb-1989

Urbanization and Urban Development Policy issues of the North Eastern Region (Voliume-I) Jul-1988

Urbanization and Urban Development Policy issues of the North Eastern Region (Voliume-II) Jul-1988

Profile of the Urban Poor An Investigation into Their Demographic, Economic and Shelter Characteristics 1989

Resource Mobilization by Local Bodies in National Capital Region Dec-1989

Integrated Development of Small and Medium Size Towns (IDSMT ) An Evaluation Study Jan-1990

Women, Urban Poverty and Economic Development 1990

Impact of World Bank Credit on Urban Institutions and Policies 1990

Employment Issues and Urban Policy Septmber -1990

Basic Services and the Urban Poor (Prepared with the assistance and support of UNICEFF, New Delhi) Apr-1991

Informal Finance for Urban housing :Status and Prospects Jan-1992

Pricing of Urban Services Nov-1991

Women in the Urban Informal Sector Dec-1990

Public-Private provision of Urban Services Dec-1992

Municipal Corporation of Delhi (Study of its Finances) Nov-1990

Slum Improvement and Upgradation for Trivandrum,Cochin and Calicut (Volume-I) Dec-1993

Slum Improvement and Upgradation for Trivandrum,Cochin and Calicut (Volume-II) Preliminary Report Dec-1993

Slum Improvement and Upgradation for Trivandrum,Cochin and Calicut (Volume-III) Report on Household Survey Dec-1993

Settelement Status in sites and Services at Madras Final Report Feb-1993

Urban Development Strategy for the State of Gujrat V-III Dec-1993

Transport Alternatives for Medium Sized Cities Jul-1993

Privatization of Land development and Urban Services : A case Study of CIDCO Feb-1994

Inner city Environment and Urban Renewal of Mysore Jul-1994

Financing Urban Infrastructure In India Mar-1997

Scope and Practice of Privatization of Urban services in India Dec-1997

India's Urban Sector Profile Jan-1998